World Round Up

Cuba Everyone’s all abuzz about Fidel Castro being seen on television again. I can only wonder why? He’s an old communist dictator that will eventually be dead and good riddance when it happens. Maybe then the Cuban government and the US government can get over their childish tit for tat politics and develop a real relationship.

Russia Vladimir Putin continues is attempts to make Russia appear to be resurgent as a wolrd power with a rather silly claim that an assassination attempt is in the offing should he go to Iran. Considering this news is coming from Russian news outlets which are entirely controlled by the increasingly dictatorial Putin regime the plot has to be considered questionable at best. Putin is too busy setting up Russia to remain under his control through censorship, arrests, and blantant manipulation for me to believe his Iranian friends would allow anything to happen to him. Given the illegal activities his government has carried out I wouldn’t be surprised if much of Eastern Europe actually hopes the plot is true given Putin’s increasingly aggressive policies and belligerence towards those independent nations.

China Hu says China is going to become more democratic. When? This is the same dictatorial government that routinely threatens Taiwan, refuses to let Tibet return to it’s independent status, and supports brutal regimes in North Korea and Burma. In addition, China doesn’t allow any non-communists to run for political offices and routinely quashes members of it’s Communist Party that question party practices and principles. I can not think of any dictatorship that willingly embraced and encouraged democracy. No this is just more games on the Chinese government’s part to distract the world from their activities.

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