New FAA Bans

FAA Institutes New Bans on Laptops and Gadget Batteries on Planes  More bans to ensure safety on airplanes. While I can understand the concern over batteries, what is more concerning to me is the lack of truly qualified people working for the TSA and their lack of implementing basic security measures and using common sense when dealing with the public.

Some people of course are going to be upset over the battery limitations and whine about how it interferes with their work. But honestly, why do business travelers feel the need to whip out the laptop at a moments notice during their flights? If you are not prepared, you won’t be in the short time you’re on the plane. You’ll be far better off just relaxing, for which you do not need a laptop or any other electronic device. Just sit back and maybe reconnect with the people around you  instead of living in your little electronic bubbles of isolation.


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