2008 Presidential Race

Once more, the presidential election season has begun. And once again, U.S. citizens are given a rather mediocre mix of choices and the same old two parties. There isn’t even a hint of a viable third party this time around, which is sad really. In my opinion, a nation like the U.S. should have at least four major political parties given our populations size and diversity.

Anyway, back to the Presidential race. Who would I like to see win their primaries?

Democratic Party – Hillary Clinton

Republican Party – John McCain

Will either win their respective nominations? While it is obviously far too soon to be sure I think Clinton I think will likely sow up the Democratic nod but Obama will make it a hard run, perhaps even garnering himself the VP spot on the ticket. I expect McCain will get knocked out by the right wing religious fanatics that dominate the RNC leadership and fear McCain’s more moderate views and willingness to work with Democrats. Instead I expect the Republicans will put up Huckabee (if the religious wing nuts dominate) or Guliani.

As things stand at the moment, I personally think Hillary Clinton will become the next U.S. President but anything can happen between now and then.


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