Projected IA Results

It’s projected that Obama and Huckabee have won the Iowa Caucus for their respective parties. Not really unexpected, though.

I consider Obama too inexperienced and naieve to be President at this time. Given him four to eight more years in the Senate to see how the real world of international and national politics works and he’ll be a good choice. That and I don’t trust anyone claiming to be an agent of change and yet clings to the old guard party and their trite party line in order to get elected. (This goes for all candidates.)

Huckabee, on the other hand, is too much a religious fruit loop and neo-con fascist to be President with out his presidency becoming a disaster for the United States. Given his political track record, I’ll certainly be considering leaving the country should he get elected rather than watch him try to impose his religious beliefs on the nation. Besides who wants a Republican president that is such a wingnut he makes George W. Bush’s administration look like Reagan and George H.W. Bush look like JFK.


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