State of Delusion

American Al-Qaida Urges Attacks on Bush Not that we didn’t already know that members of Al-Qaeda lack a passing nod with reality and the civilized world (Christian, Muslim or otherwise) but the latest videotaped message featuring Gadahn is but another feeble attempt to bolster loyalists.

There are several points I found particularly amusing in their desperateness:

1. American has been “defeated” in Iraq. Interesting concept given the number of local tribes, militias, and factions that have turned on Al-Qaeda in recent months. Gee, maybe it has something to do with the fact that they realized Al-Qaeda members were nutbags and started attacking and killing their supposed Iraqi allies when said Iraqi allies disagreed with them. Naturally, these Iraqis turned against Al-Qaeda when this started to occur. They may not like America, but they know America will leave once Iraq has stabilized from the occupation and reconstruction. Al-Qaeda will not.

2. Christianity is “baseless and doubt-filled”. I find this especially amusing on several points. First, Christianity is older than Islam and both religions have ties to the even older Judaism’s Torah. This leads to my second point, Islam’s Koran shares many passages from the Bible and Torah. Third, the Koran clearly states that Christians and Jews are People of the Book, and brothers to Muslims and Islam (i.e. they all worship the same God). So basically Gadahn is saying God is baseless. As I understand it one who believes God is baseless is an infidel and should be killed according to Koranic law and practice.

3. Gadahn thinking it was significant he tore up his passport. Forgive the following netspeak: ROFLMAO! Sorry, but a passport is not an indication of allegiance to any nation or state. It’s simply a document that allows a person who is a citizen of that nation-state to travel internationally to other nation-states.

4. The usual “Let’s attack [insert name/country here]” for various and sundry perceived insults, affronts, and tyranny. Pot meet kettle. Got to love a terrorist group that loves to insult, affront, maim, kill, torture, and inflict tyranny on everyone else in the world championing against nations, people, and organizations supposedly doing the same.

5. The join our religion and all your troubles will go away approach to converting U.S. veterans to Islam. This from a bunch of people who have perpetrated heinous acts (see point 4 above). It’s actually sad and pathetic, so much so you almost feel sorry for the little dummkopfs.  Almost.


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