Double Standards?

So today everyone is making a big deal out of Hillary Clinton getting choked up yesterday. What I don’t get is why? She showed some emotion. Big deal. She’s human. I’d rather have someone I know feels things as President than one that remains emotionless all the time. Even Bush has choked up from time to time when it comes to things he believes in or about that which is genuinely passionate or upsetting to him.

So, is Mrs. Clinton being subject to a double standard in this country? Absolutely. Woman have always been held by men as inferior in many ways, especially when it comes to public displays of emotion. This has become so ingrained in American culture that many women, despite the civil rights and gender equality movements, honestly believe that men are more capable then women.

When male politicians show emotion and compassion, they are often lauded as kind hearted, generous, and caring. Conversely, female politicians who do the same are labeled with various labels like emotional, hormonal, and weak.

When male politicians take a hard line on a position, they are said to be holding to their convictions and are viewed as dignified. Again when female politicians do the same they are considered intransigent, disrespectful and often labeled as being a “bitch”. Conversely when male politicians negotiate with their opposition their seen as fair minded and cooperative. Females in such situations are viewed as indecisive, flighty, and fickle.

The real problem isn’t the double standard in politics, it’s the double standard in American society not only towards women but men as well. Silly notions and biases of what is “manly” and “womanly” exist that need to be eliminated and ignored. People should just be themselves and force society to accept them for what we all are: human.


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