Gays Serving in the Military

As noted in Gays Come Out, but Stay in Military a growing number of gays in the military are informing their fellow soldiers and officers of their sexual orientation and not being summarily dismissed from military service. I hope this shows a maturing attitude within the military with regards to homosexual service members and a rejection of the archaic, misguided neo-Puritan element that believe religion inspired doctrine is more important than keeping qualified, well trained, patriotic Americans in the military. Homosexuals have always served in the military whether the services wanted to admit their presence or not. “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” did nothing but make it more difficult for all service members, particularly for those who were accused of being gay or lesbian by fellow service members who were bigoted, jealous of others successes, or through simple personality conflict and grudges.


2 thoughts on “Gays Serving in the Military

  1. unfortunately, i’m afraid it isn’t a sign of matured thought within the military ranks or our government, but moreso the lack of fresh hetero recruits for Bush’s worn-out war on terrorism. they need as many bodies they can to throw onto the fire as it slowly dies and once the world is settled down (when we pull out), i foresee a lot of people being discharged for “coming out”; unless, of course, the bill is passed. Bill Clinton was a moron for approving “DA,DT”.

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