Kosovo Independece

It appears Kosovo took another step towards independence from Serbia with the election of Thaci to Prime Minister. This not to be unexpected given Serbia’s history of abuse and bloodshed towards non-Serbs when Yugoslavia broke apart in part to Serbia’s refusal to step down from the rotating presidency. In many ways it is inevitable the Kosovo would become independent.

Of course Russia is claiming it will veto any UN resolution recognizing Kosovo as a state. This is a laughable and petty position to take, since Kosovo (should they become independent) would be a separate de facto nation regardless. It is also likely to be recognized by the European Union, the United States and much of the rest of the world. This is especially so in the EU given that the EU tried to help the Kosovar and Serbian parties come to an agreement that would keep the two peoples together. An effort that failed when it became obvious that the two could not and would not come to an agreement.


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