Appropriate Jailing and Bicycle Attitudes

Woman Jailed After Laughing Over Victim Technically the woman was already in jail awaiting sentence but that aside, I think her sentence was appropriate for what they charged her with. Personally I think she should have been charged with second degree murder given that she intentionally drove drunk knowing her license was suspended for a previous DUI. Had she been wielding a hand held weapon of some sort, she probably would have been charged with second degree murder, but too many people don’t view automobiles as weapons in such cases. Her added comment implying she was justified and has no remorse in hitting and killing an innocent man who was a “tree hugger, a bicyclist, a Frenchman and a gay guy all in one shot” is pathetic and shows how much of a scum bag she is. Yes it was her friend who said it, but it was she who thought it was appropriate after her friend recanted on his own words. The fact that she thinks she is justified in harming someone who appears to be different than her simply because they are different shows there is something wrong with her psychology and deserving of being locked up for whatever her mental malfunction is. She’s obviously too dangerous to be allowed into the population unsupervised.

Arizona Cycling Attitudes

Unfortunately her attitude towards bicyclists is far too common in Arizona in my experience. I started riding my bicycle to save money and get some exercise when attending College in Phoenix and continued the practice upon going to Embry-Riddle for a short time. I actually stopped riding my bicycle between ERAU (in Prescott, AZ) and my apartment because nearly every single day (and I do mean every) I received some harassment or threats by drivers in their cars. Said threats ranged from taunts to out right trying to hit me with their vehicles. The police? Didn’t care in the least. On the few occasions I did call them because I had actually ended up injured they implied it was my fault even though I was lawfully in the bike lane and observing all traffic laws. I even had witnesses who’d back me up on this, but some how the cops always ended up with the same thing: it was my fault and I should follow the traffic laws.

Add to this a friend of mine being intentionally driven off the road while riding in the bike lane and ending up with a broken hip. Cops said it was his faulty. Worse was the fact that witnesses simply left him laying there and left without so much as even calling an ambulance for him. He had to do it himself (being fortunate that his cell wasn’t destroyed in the accident). And then there was another associate (I can’t say friend since we only spoke on occasions while riding) who was actually killed. Nothing ever came of it except the police saying it was an accident and probably his fault.

Needless to say my opinion of the local cops went downhill from there. Let’s just say after that for the remainder of my time at ERAU, I flipped off any police officer I saw and called them what they were: hick donut eaters. Sure, it wasn’t very mature but neither is them ignoring criminal activity that cause serious injure and kill people.

The good thing that came out of all this was the local cyclists got together and formed a club which started pressuring the city council for more protections for cyclists, pushed for greater awareness of traffic laws regarding cyclists rights to be on the road, greater numbers of safe cycling paths,  and more bicycle racks across the city. As this was also the height of the gas crunch in Arizona at the time, the club got a lot of support from people looking for ways to save money on gas and transportation as well as environmentalists and fitness advocates. I graduated and moved away before I saw much impact personally, but as I understand it the club is still active in it’s ongoing work.


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