Two down and more to come

Now that the early primaries are over and Super Tuesday approaches we have the nominee pools thinning out a bit for both parties. This time: Edwards and Giuliani.

I’m not really surprised John Edwards announced his withdrawal given his respectable, but still too low, numbers. Too low to ever win the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination this electoral season. I also wasn’t surprised that Edwards didn’t endorse any of the remaining party candidates as of yet. I suspect regardless of who ends up with the Democratic Party nomination Edwards will have some influence and sway within his party, perhaps even aiming for a position with in a potential Democratic administration.

While Giuliani hasn’t made an official announcement as I write this, he too is expected to withdraw due to poor performances. I think he might have done much better if he hadn’t taken such an odd approach to his presidential big. The impression I was left with was one of a man trying live of the reputation gained from the September 11, 2001 and little else. Perhaps that was simply how the media portrayed him, perhaps not. All I know was Giuliani spoke too often about issues that have already been expounded on by other candidates: terrorism, national security, immigration, the economy, and so on.

I admit I am very pleased to see McCain win in Florida, even if the alleged “conservatives” of the party are still against him. I called them “alleged conservatives” because for many of them it isn’t about conservative issues anymore but power, big business, and money. Too many of them instead give lip service to such financial issues while instead trying to maintain or even undermine the status-quo to their own personal greed and benefit. And as for social issues, they’ve turned social conservatism into religiously inspired and justified intolerance, discrimination, and hate.

I’m still hoping Super Tuesday will result in John McCain and Hillary Clinton victories across the board (and perhaps all but locking up their respective party nominations) because I would actually like to have a presidential election where I feel like I’m voting for people that can be trusted to do their jobs, are responsible, reasonable, experienced, and would represent the United States to the world with some class and dignity instead of simply voting for the candidate least likely to make me ill at the very thought of them as president.


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