Shadows of Uluru

Australia to Apologize to Aborigines  I’m glad the Aussie government is finally dropping it’s intransigent behavior in refusing to acknowledge their past abuse of the aboriginal peoples of Australia, particularly those who are part of the Lost Generation. My hope is that this will ope up a dialog in Australia about the rampant discrimination against Aborigines and the latent racism too many Australians refuse to acknowledge. After all, you can not rectify a problem is you refuse to admit that there is one.

Make no mistake Australia does have a racism problem. All one needs to do is look at the actions of the government and people during the period of the Lost Generation and it’s scarring of the Aboriginal people to this day. Add to this more recent government actions to try and take Aboriginal lands and rights away from them under the guise of doing so “in their best interest”, made all the ore confusing given the push to give back tribal lands and holy places by other agencies. This is similar to arguments used in the Aussie government’s actions in stealing so many children away from the tribes and families in the first place, many of which ended up in abusive environments (homes, schools, etc) far removed from their culture and family.

I suppose I just do not get why the Australian whites, descendants of  people Britain considered to be criminals, scoundrels, and the scum of humanity, who were treated to poorly themselves would inflict such horrific treatment on the native people. I suppose it simply comes down to cultural arrogance, arrogance that has led to the oppression and attempted exterminations of local populations and cultures by invasive foreigners throughout the history of the world.


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