GG: Digital Microscope

After sadly finding little geeky gadgetry to catch my attention lately, I’ve gone to the trusty ThinkGeek site to see what they were peddling. As usual they hit upon several things that pique my inner geek’s interests. Among the things catching my eye:

1.3 Megapixel USB Digital Microscope Sure, not many people are going to need something like this but I can see it being useful for some of the small projects I’m planning and/or working on involving electronics and such.

Of course I still like the less technical geek items like a number of their globes: the Celestial Globe that digs at my astronomy loving heart and the “Anti-gravity” Globe even if it really is just an overly complicated way to play with magnets. I just kind of wish they’d make globes for the moon (like my grandfather’s old Lunar globe sitting my desk) or one of the other planets, say Mars. Okay, yes you can get those at other places online like Scientifics.

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