Assorted News Comments

Creationists Seek Foothold in Europe The evangelicals are going to have a difficult time finding a majority of Europeans who will accept creation theory as a replacement for or equal to Darwinian evolutionary theory. After all, Darwinian evolutionary theory is based on science where are Creationism is based on faith. That alone will face scrutiny in schools which are intended to educate students to think with a modicum of logic, reason, and science not to present something based upon faith and scripture.

In my experience, religious Christians do not subscribe to the notion that the Bible should be taken literally. And rightly so, given that, were the Bible taken literally in the modern world (and ignoring the fact that parts of the Bible are contradictory in nature), a number of atrocious activities and behavior would be considered acceptable: slavery, rape, sex slave, child abuse, religiously inspired murder and war. Fortunately most Christians throughout the world have looked back on the history of Christianity and rejected the more intolerable, incomprehensible, conflicted, and barbarous aspects of the Bible. That’s part of the reason Creationists face such a difficult time even with the United States, especially given that too many of the extremist evangelicals who support the Creationist doctrine being taught in school also use the Bible to justify discrimination, intolerance, and hatred.

Basically I’m of the opinion that Creationism, being religiously based, should therefor be taught in the church, and Evolutionary theory in the public school system. I’ve yet to meet a truly devout Christian who felt their religion was threatened by a scientific theory. As my friend DG put it once: “What Faith fails, science maintains. When science fails, Faith remains.” I always thought that was a rather nice way to look at the balance between science and religion and the need for both.

Wow. That comment got a bit long there.

Hard Lline Hindus Protest Valentine’s Day Nothing new here. This happens every year across the globe in various nations who have misunderstood, intentionally or not, Valentine’s Day to equal promiscuity. The Hindus mentioned in the article are nothing compared to what goes on in some nations.

Obama, McCain Sweep Potomac Primaries Yay for McCain, even though it was expected by everyone but the right wingers and Huckabee hangers on. I wish Clinton had won, but it is still so close in the Democratic race I laugh at the pundits acting like Mr. Obama has been anointed or something. I’m still hoping for a McCain vs. Clinton presidential race with a genuine discussion of the issues facing the country.

Writer’s Strike Ends It’s good to the writers strike is over and appears to have ended in an equitable deal. As part of the deal the WGA gives up efforts to include animators and reality tv workers as members, but they also got a key point: internet content profit sharing.


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