Kosovo Independence

Kosovo Declares Independence As expected Kosovo finally declared it’s independence from Serbia with much celebration amongst the Albanians and consternation by the Serbs. And equally as expected Serbia and Russia are bitterly complaining about it making ominous statements of implied aggression, instability, and violence through out the world when really it’s about the ending of Serbian (and thereby Russian) domination, exploitation, and suppression of the native Albanians. Let’s be honest, would you want to live under Serbian rule with that government’s recent and unapologetic history of genocide, rape, and oppression of non-Serbs?

While the Russians have a slightly  valid concern that Kosovo’s actions could spark separatist movements around the world, their words must be taken with a grain of salt given their recent abuses and atrocities in Chechnya over Chechen independence and the retaliatory Chechen terrorist attacks inside Russia resulting from such abuses. Of course Russia won’t complain about the numerous little rebellions and unrest they’re funding in former Soviet states under the guise of ethnic independence and self-governance (i.e. Georgia, Estonia, Lithuania, etc.).

Regardless, given the careful negotiations involving EU diplomats Kosovo will be recognized by several countries (likely to include the United States) in all probability in the coming days, so Serbia and Russia’s refusal to acknowledge the newly independent nation will be moot. Now it’s just a matter of how much of an international row are they willing to commit over Kosovo.


2 thoughts on “Kosovo Independence

  1. ,

    Real flags of Albanian tyrany is a flag of Great Albania. Подлинные флаги косовских албанцев вчера везде на территории окупированного НАТО Косово и переданного безальтернативно албанцам. Камуфляжного, псевдофлага Косово, придуманного для того, чтобы обманывать международное общественное мнение и лгать американским избирателям накануне выборов, этого псевдофлага нет даже ни по одной ссылке на запрос Kosovo flag в Google.

    http://www.nytimes.com/2008/02/18/world/europe/18kosovo.html?pagewanted=2&_r=1&hp Dimitar Dilkoff/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

    People in Pristina gathered in the streets to celebrate. Some waved flags, danced in jubilation and fired guns in the air.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MS_QK9FCfWw Church Desecration Video

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxWxAxKz99 serbian church ravaged

    Kosovo needs a 50 – 50 % solution and representation of Serbians and Albanians in regional parliament body as an Autonomy in Serbia – Nothing more and nothing less. In Kosovo nowadays Albanians have to be brought to court to make them to allow themselves less oppression and less Bolsheviks policy.

    Today it is not the Serbian minority but the Albanian majority are the open despots and robbers. The US follow primitive way of excepting such a criminal one nation’s power. And Administration of President Bush tries to legitimate such a despotic, hypocritical power in Kosovo. But nothing has been done to make Albanians obey laws of justice and to perform exact presentation of 50-50 % Serbians and Albanians in this region. Nothing has been done to make Albanians obey this type of law and order in Europe. Shame to the US and EU supporting Albanian aggressor under the NATO flag! It is simply nothing to be proud of!

    US stay on the side of a Muslim cunning aggressor in this conflict. Thanks US presence in Kosovo Christian nation is defeated and demoralized kicked out from its homeland and churches and properties. It is way too much to be a victory of freedom. It is a victory of theft and robbery and violent annexation of Christian land with all properties of robbed Serbian population.

    There is nothing to be proud about. It is a shameful act of brutal anti-Christianity under American flag. It is shocking, and it will never be forgotten by Orthodox Christianity everywhere, not only in Russia.

    Alexander Bogdanov,

    More concrete details of what must be implemented by international UN forces in Kosovo you may read in my blog



  2. It did take me a while to read your blog, given my Russian is admittedly rusty. While I appreciate your viewpoint, Alexander, I find the logic behind it flawed on several counts.

    1. Kosovo Autonomy in Serbia. Such a proposal was presented and rejected by the Serbian authorities in the past. In fact, Serbia had stripped the political authority from the autonomous region of Kosovo. This Serbian intransigence coupled with attempts of intimidation and suppressing Kosovar political dissent led directly to Kosovar desires for independence. I know the real reason so many Serbs are angry over Kosovo’s independence is that Kosovo is historically the cradle of Serbian culture dating back to before the Nemanjic dynasty of the Middle Ages. However, they’re anger is somewhat misplaced given the centuries Kosovo was controlled by the Ottoman Empire and only recently liberated in the early 20th century with numerous conflicts fought therein prior to World War I, during World War I and World War II, and suppression by communist forces during the Cold War.

    2. The 50-50 solution you mention is also illogical given Serbia has proven that it is unwilling to share political power when it refused to step down from the rotating presidency of Yugoslavia, stripping the autonomous regions of governance, and prompting what would eventually spin out of control into the Balkans War and eventually resolve itself with the complete dissolution of Yugoslavia.

    3. It’s interesting you now say the Albanian majority are despots over the Serbian minority, yet independent international observers have noted no such activity. That isn’t to say that there is not such activity going on, but at the national level Kosovo has yet to enact laws that are “despotic” towards Serbians living in the region. It is far too early to tell whether the Kosovo will adopt oppressive laws against minorites and I suspect is unlikely to occur should reasonable people prevail and as long as Kosovo desires trade and commerce with not only Europe but Serbia as well.

    4. I find myself laughing whenever I see someone claim that Kosovo’s independence is a victory for Islam over Christianity or that it is anti-Christian. Those are the words of fear mongers and those who use religion as an excuse to commit violence and justify hatred. Yes, dhimmitude was a problem under the Ottoman Empire and a continuing problem in Muslim nations and one that all Islamic nations are guilty of implementing against their non-Muslim denizens. Kosovar Muslims are down right secular with their lives. Non-muslims freely worship in Kosovo. While there has been problems like the church desecration videos you note, it is equally notable the number of mosques that have suffered a similar fate under Serbian rule. Neither side is innocent of such crimes and disrespect towards one another’s religion.


    It is a shameful act of brutal anti-Christianity under American flag. It is shocking, and it will never be forgotten by Orthodox Christianity everywhere, not only in Russia.

    This statement is questionable on a number of counts. 1. The EU helped negotiate with Serbia and Kosovo over their past issues and eventually negotiated Kosovo independence. So it was not done “under American flag” but under EU auspices. I hope you’re not implying the EU is a puppet of the US. A lot of Europeans would be highly offended at that notion. 2. How is it shocking? This has been building since the most recent Balkan war. How is it “brutal anti-Christianity”? It is far less “anti-Christian” when compared to Serbian “Christians” slaughtering, raping, and generally terrorizing Croats, Slovenes, and Bosnians (who also included Christians). 3. “It will not be forgotten by Orthodox Christians everywhere”. Of course it won’t. It’s history. The real question is will Orthodox Christians (or anyone else for that matter) use this as a pretext to continue justifying needless conflict and hate throughout the world or instead stop and consider the past carefully to avoid repeating the mistakes of history.

    Thank you for the response. It was interesting to read and consider.

    Regards, Gray

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