Kosovo Posturing

Putin warns Kosovo will ‘come back to knock’ the West, as NATO envoy lashes out Great, more threats from a Russian government official stuck in a Cold War era mentality of bully, threaten, and kill anyone who disagrees with them. It’s a wonder Russia is as well off as it is since Putin gained power and started his idiotic scheme to regain some supposedly lost Russian glory.

The Cold War ended, no one died en mass on either side, be happy, and get over it. Russian buildings and infrastructure have been severely neglected in recent years so I have to wonder why the Russian government is so keen on ignoring it’s severe problems in favor of building up an over bloated military, dealing with political and economic problems, and fixing their ailing transportation systems. I’ve met far too many Russian immigrants here in the U.S. who left Russia because these problems.

<blockquote>Russia “will proceed from the assumption that to be respected, we have to use brute military force,” he said.</blockquote>

This from the mouth of Dmitri Rogozin, Russia’s NATO “ambassador”. It appear Mr. Rogozin ascribes too much importance to the old russian saying of being better to be feared than respected. Too bad it’s a saying that is completely out of step with modern political thinking. Such ideology belongs to the mentality of small minded thugs and dictators. Russia will never gain the respect internationally they believe they deserve as long as they approach everything with military threats, bullying, and aggressive posturing instead of promoting Russia’s cultural, technological, social, and humanitarian efforts and achievements.

Serbia: U.S. to blame on violence Ah yes, the U.S. embassy flew in hundreds of American hooligans and criminals to torch their own building just to make Serbs look bad. </snark> Seriously, though, ignoring the inane Serbian nationalistic rhetoric, the local Serbian authorities do appear to be making something of an effort to track down, arrest, and prosecute the rioters involved in attacking embassies. So I give credit for that.

So for those interested in seeing other viewpoints on Kosovo:

Serbian Government Web site (which was actually hidden as another website serbiainfo.com implying it was independent of government control, so take from that what you will)

New Kosova Report A pro Kosovo news and information site.


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