World News Commentary 02.27.2008

Dollar hits records low against Euro This isn’t all a bad thing as some would believe. It makes American exports more lucrative to sell in Europe since they’re cheaper. It also may appeal to cost conscious Europeans to visit the United States on holiday.

Chavez to boot English terms from business I used to get amusement from Chavez’s antics but they’re increasingly boring. I mean really, since it was the US that developed so much of the world’s computer technology, it’s logical that as an English speaking country, English would be applied to the devices. That doesn’t mean other nations have to use the terms in their language. If they chose to do so, then so be it. How Chavez equates that with “cultural imperialism” is beyond me, especially since English is taught in Venezuelan schools. I know it’s just more bluster for a man desperate to divert attention away from his inability to fix Venezuela’s problems with his implementation of socialist and communist principles.

Microsoft fined a record $1.3 billion Well they did defy an EU antitrust order so I can’t feel much sympathy for the company there and have a history of defying government decisions and requirements. International business can be so tricky to understand at times, even for those in that industry. I guess we’ll see where this goes from here.

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