5 questions for the future President

These are 5 questions I would love to hear the Presidential candidates answer, though I doubt they will at this time (if ever). Some obviously are of more immediate concern than others.

  1.  What would you do to ensure consumable food crops (wheat, soy, corn, etc.) are not diverted to the production of bio-fuels or are not used as a pretext to charge outrageous prices on foodstuff as result of increasing use of bio-fuels?
  2. Where do you stand on Net Neutrality?
  3. How to you plan to pay off the national debt and/or eliminate the deficit?
  4. How would strengthen political, social, and economic ties with Liberia and other African nations? For that matter any of our allied nations?
  5. Do you support or not support the concept of the unitary executive and, if so, to what extent?

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