News Commentary 02.28.2008

Exchange Student Starved While in Egypt I feel sorry to see that this young man had such a horrible student exchange experience. Something is definitely up if he came back so skinny. It makes me wonder what AFS is up to. I know in my own student exchange experience there was no discouraging kids from contacting their families and friends while away but maybe that was because I was in a monitored program. But then again, the exchange was part of a push to normalize relations between the USA and the Soviet Union by getting the average people to know one another.

Cleveland Clinkers This is why I love FactCheck.Org and other groups like them. They strip away all the b.s. from all sides and try to get to the simple facts. Too bad more voters don’t read sites like this more often. They wouldn’t be suckered so much.

Boyd Coddington’s  Death  A car building legend passes on.

Wooing Women Gamers I’m not surprised in the least at the number of women playing games. I’m glad to see the number of women getting into the gaming industry growing as well despite concerns of male domination in the industry hindering women’s advances. As far as being a gamer, I guess I’m lucky so far in that playing games I have yet to be harassed by a man resentful that I play a game well.

Clinton camp highlights Obama’s chairmanship What concerns me about this is the fact Mr. Obama had an opportunity to gain some credentials for international policies, in this case the subcommittee on Europe, and chose to ignore the challenge and opportunity aside from two ambassadorial nominations. A President cannot simply ignore international concerns. I can forgive a President candidate lacking experience, but not one who seems to avoid gaining that necessary experience.

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