On gyms and laptops

Harvard’s No-Men Gym Hours Cause Stir I’m torn on this one. I despise displays of sexism (this time against men) but also understand why these women desire the women only hours due to their religious beliefs. If it involved more women at the university concerned over working out with men for a variety of reasons (ogling, harassment, etc.) I doubt it would be much of an issue. Over all I don’t think the time is unreasonable but I also don’t like the idea that the university is giving preferential treatment to an extremely small minority at the expense of the majority. It’s definitely a difficult balancing act. Given that since all the students pay for the use of the facilities then I say the facilities should be open to all regardless of religious and moral concerns since there are likely non-campus alternatives that could be utilized.

Seized Laptop Shows Chavez’s Rebel Ties If the information on the laptop proves true it explains Chavez’s unusually violent reaction of sending troops to the Columbian border. If true that Chavez sent 300 million dollars to support FARC operations that could quickly get him labelled internationally as a terrorist finacier. Not a good place to be. Just look at Iran. The Obama comment was interesting though more likely, again if true, from misguided socialists and leftists in the U.S. that somehow think a democrat would be more lenient on FARC’s activities than a republican. All in all, an odd story. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.


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