The Vatican…

Vatican Updates Sins

I’ll give fair warning here that I have no love for the Vatican as there is little holiness amongst men whom claim to serve God but instead serve themselves to vast wealth, influence, and arrogance; commit atrocities and sins forbidden by the Bible and refuse to acknowledge their own hypocrisy with the very inequities they claim should be rectified. I respect those who are believers but not those who mutilate religion for their own purposes. So apologies to any who may be offended.

I suppose I’m just disgusted with the Vatican’s inane attempts to regain the membership they’ve lost over the years by pretending to be caught up to modern thinking when in fact they have not. After all, look how it took them to even admit the world was round despite everyone else knowing it for centuries. I’m especially annoyed by the recent adds extoling people to return to the Catholic Church because they make all these claims about acceptance and forgiveness and such when in fact the Church (not necessarily it’s members)  is not any of these things.

“The poor are always becoming poorer and the rich ever more rich, feeding unsustainable social injustice,” Girotti said in the interview published Sunday.

And yet the Vatican has a long history of outright supporting such “unsustainable social injustice” policies for centuries in order to keep the faithful in line. So much for moral authority there.

On the ongoing sex scandals in the church:

The monsignor acknowledged the “objective gravity” of the allegations, but contended that the heavy coverage by mass media of the scandals must also be denounced because it “discredits the church.”

That’s right blame the victims. Again. Typical abuser thinking there. The priest’s actions discredit the church, not the media and the people who brought it to public awareness because the Catholic Church tried to hide the problem. It’s attitudes like those of the monsignor that make me contemptuous of the Church, not the religion. Fact is, the Vatican needs to clean up it’s own house and stop trying to hide their own sins before they go lecturing everyone else.


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