Salvia, Salvia

Is Salvia the Next Marijuana? Of course the U.S. government want to criminalize Salvia. Personally I could care less about the substance and don’t see the big deal. The growing movement to decriminalize marijuana has brought into the whole question of the government’s activities in the so called War on Drugs. This is just more diversions and justifications for failed policies, though you have to wonder about expading knowledge about something you don’t want people aware of. While I support marijuana (and salvia) being treated as a controlled substance the manner in which the U.S. government has botched its approach and handling of the issue disgusts me.

Very little of the U.S. government’s drug policies are founded upon medical facts or objective research. Criminilization was more due to political agendas involving a mix of racism, taxation,  and corporate fear and greed. Cannabis was seen as a threat to paper mills, cotton, wool, and linen. Add to this the discrimination that grew towards hispanics in the 1930s that brought the recreational marijuana to the American population in the 1910s and some crazy politicians who though it was a good idea to tax medical marijuana out of existence (depite the objections of the AMA).

The above sounds a little familiar doesn’t it? It does if you know even the basic of narcotic laws of the U.S. You know: blame the foreigners (Mexicans this time around) for taking our jobs, the bad economy, and bringing in a new drug. History repeating itself once again.

Meh. Nothing changes.


One thought on “Salvia, Salvia

  1. Salvia is just another step in the long process involving the government and them taxing the people on their goods. Salvia is the same as marijuana in a sense that it gets you high and it can be grown.

    Anyways nice post!



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