Most Dangerous States

Most Dangerous States To Live

1. Nevada. Funny since I might be getting a job there and the friends I have living there like it better than where they came from- Vermont, one of the supposedly safest states, Maine-another safe state, and California -conveniently MIA from the list.

5. Arizona. Not surprised in the least. I live here and know crime has gotten out of control. Everything from the Coyote Wars (human smugglers fighting out over increased border security cutting into their crimes), illegal aliens, the ongoing Mexican gangs fighting the Mafia, American gangs, and the growing братва (bratva- Russian mafia) community over extortion, prostitution, and trafficking on top of the usual crimes on the rise like rape and car thefts. It common knowledge that politeness and civility has decreased in Arizona since the influx of people from other states exploded. Even my Uncle noted this upon returning from Tennessee after several years away. Everyone’s all about arrogance, self-centeredness, irresponsibility, and the general attitude of “me first and screw everyone else” now. Hell, just last night a 13 year old girl was kidnapped by men posing as policemen with AK 47’s. Fortunately she’s now safe.

Now that aside I find it a curious thing about the rankings for safest and most dangerous states: the top dangerous states tended to be southern and the safest tended to be northern (and more specifically north eastern). Now that just may be coincidental, but I always get suspicious when notably high crime locations like California and New York are left off the dangerous list, especially given the supposed methodology the creators of the rankings claim they used. I become highly suspicious, especially when said rankings and analysis are then offered to be sold.


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