Obama & Wright

Obama Condemns Pastor’s Remarks After watching the speech I can say it was completely lifeless, lackluster, and quite frankly disingenuous on Obama’s part. I don’t buy into his half-hearted attempt at distancing himself from Rev. Wright’s comments by claiming he disagreed with them but still kept going to the church, exposing himself, his wife, and his children to such reprehensible behavior. While I doubt Obama agree with Wright on his more divisive comments Obama previous silence and continued attendance just reinforces my opinion that Obama has poor judgment. At least I now know where some of the contempt I previously sensed  in Obama towards other people comes from: his church. The whole speech was rather muddled and as equally empty of substance and solutions to problems as previous speeches I’ve heard.

Will this affect Obama’s chance at the nomination? That’s up to Democrats to decide in the remaining primaries and caucuses, but I don’t think this issue will go away anytime soon given the virulence of Rev. Wright’s words and the potential influence and inspiration over Obama. Too bad the news media didn’t bother to vet Mr. Obama (and other candidates as well) sooner so as to allow the American people to be better informed over their potential candidates.


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