Tibet Troubles

Is anyone honestly surprised at the recent violence in Tibet. It’s been festering for a long time given the Chinese government’s practice of destroying Tibetan culture, history, and general oppressive activities. I’m just surprised violence hasn’t happened sooner. Of course the Chinese government instantly blames the Dalai Lama, his supporters, and anyone else opposed to China’s continued occupation of Tibet. Then again, China doesn’t want the world to realize exactly how large Tibet is as a separate nation which is why it has tried to hard to move Han Chinese into Tibet so as to try and claim Tibet by virtue of ethnic dominance.

What I find interesting are the number of anti-government protests that arisen elsewhere in China in response to the protests in Tibet. I expect it some areas like Xinjiang with the Muslim Uighurs, Kazakhs and other Turkic groups being oppressed and in some cases fighting for independence, but not the latest reports of protests in Beijing itself as of today.

Sadly I expect little will change as world governments are enamored of the Chinese government and it’s pseudo free trade policies subsidized by the state and prison labor, as well as it massive human rights abuses for some foolish reason.

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