Gray Wolf Hunts Planned After De-Listing So 1,500 is considered enough for a species to no longer be considered endangered but okay to hunt back into near extinction again as indicated by Idaho’s allowing the killing of 100-300 of the 800 wolves there and the notion of just putting them back under protection if they fall below a certain number. Another brilliant move brought to you by the morons of the federal government and the moronic Fish and Wildlife Service in Idaho. Guess it never occurred to the jackaninnys that their animal diversity has suffered because they screwed up the natural predator-prey mix in the first place. Idiots.

Yes, I get extremely annoyed at things like this, especially after the long and hard efforts undertaken here in Arizona by Preserve Arizona’s Wolves (P.A.W.S.) to return wolves to Arizona. Everyone is all for saving non-predatory species but seem to conveniently forget the predators need to maintain an ecosystem.

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