All your base belong to us…

Russia wants presence at U.S. missile sites What is truly sad about this whole thing is Russian honestly thinking Poland and the Czech Republic would willing allow their former dictators “a permanent Russian presence.” I don’t think they (the Russians) realize just how resentful many of the people in the former Warsaw Pact are towards the them and how wary they are of Russian intentions to regain  influence in their region. That’s part of the reason why so many are intent on joining NATO. They wish to avoid being reabsorbed into a Russian controlled pseudo-state reminiscent of the Cold War era Warsaw Pact.

It’s understandable that Russia is wary of an anti-missile defense system being near their borders not because of that systems limited capabilities at present, but what future technological advances could turn the system into a formidable defensive system that makes large ballistic missile stockpiles moot. Add to this the number of states wanting to join the European Union and NATO military alliance and Russia correctly sees itself losing influence in Eastern Europe and perhaps the world.

I do laugh at the notion of Russia wanting a permanent presence and influence over a future NATO base when they are not members of NATO and openly balk at joining the alliance, not to mention Russia having no intent on even joining the EU anytime soon, if ever. The Russian government and military would be having kittens if the U.S. made a demand to have permanent military personnel at strategic military sites. Why would they think American, Polish, and Czech reactions would be any different?


One thought on “All your base belong to us…

  1. I think part of the problem is Russia looks at Poland and Czech Republic as just puppets of the US (of course that would make our foreign affairs much easier) and that if the US was really sincere it would just make Poland and Czech Republic agree. Of course I don’t see anyway in hell that’s going to happen. At least unless Russia lets the Polish and Czech actually have a presence near Russian military installations, but I doubt that’s going to happen.

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