Arizona News Commentary 17.04.2008

Loud Trains Ban Like I’ve said to those who chose to live near airports and military facilities and then whine about the noise, I say to those whining about the noise of the trains: get over it or move. What is especially hipocritical is the large number of people who think nothing of blaring stereos and television for all the world to hear but they promptly complain at legitimately loud noises like emergency services vehicles and trains. Pathetic. Residents need to stop whining about trivialities and concentrate on real issues like crime, poverty, education, and the economy. The trains were here long before most residents ever were.

Banning Anti-American Teaching I am completely opposed to this Bill and think it may, in fact, be unconstitutional. The following is why I think it is unconstitutional:

“Arizona public schools would be barred from any teachings considered counter to democracy or Western civilization”

And who exactly determines what is considered counter to democracy? I oppose communism, which many consider to be anti-Western and anti-democratic, but I don’t think it should be barred from being taught when discussing different forms of government. And what is anti-Western? Is it anti-Western to criticize Western culture for genuine mistakes like slavery, genocide, and suppression of minorities and women? Where do you draw the line?

Additionally, the measure would prohibit students of the state’s universities and community colleges from forming groups based in whole or part on the race of their members

What about freedom of association? And why only race? Why not ban groups from forming based upon gender, politics, or religion if you are going to start trying to strip people of their of the Constitutional rights?

This whole bill came about by some ex-cop turned politician upset at the multi-cultural teaching going on in Arizona fearful that somehow Arizonan and American values are being erased. I don’t think he realizes he is part of the problem that has all but obliterated the Arizonan values that were starting to emerge when I was young that encouraged acceptance of the Native American, Hispanic, and white American cultures combining together. I for one will fight this bill as best I can. Cultural diversity is not to be feared. It helped make America great in the first place.

Sacrificing logic to ‘save’ marriage I have often disagree with EJ Montini on issues, but this is one of those I completely agree with him on. As he points out in his blog Arizona is a billion dollars in debt yet what’s the burning issue of the Legislature? Gay marriage. Or more precisely banning gay marriage in order to ‘protect’ marriage. I really have to wonder what my fellow heterosexuals fear about homosexuals. If you aren’t gay, you aren’t gay and you can’t catch “gay”. Even if you oppose homosexuality on biblical and moral grounds do you honestly support legislative bigotry? Because if you do, I know some radical communists and Islamists out in the world that would love to ban your religion and lifestyle on the pretext that they find it offensive and immoral.

Think about it.


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