News Commentary 17.04.2008

Military Denied Benefits to Surviving Son It infuriates me that bureaucrats still are able to screw over soldiers for doing their duty by twisting policies that were put in place to protect and help soldiers into a means of punishing them. Was nothing learned from the neglect and abuse older war veterans from World War II through Vietnam suffered and, in some cases still suffer? It’s my sincerely hope that the Hubbard Bill passes and prevent what happened in this particular incident from recurring. Congress also needs to fully fund veteran’s benefits and then get rid of the penny pinching autocrats more concerned about their budget then meeting their responsibility.

Olympic Flame Carried Through Quiet New Delhi
Anyone who thought the controversy over the Olympic Torch run was over, you’re wrong. It’s just repressive means are now being used to quash any public dissent. How representative of this years Games, no?

Zimbabwe Opposition Accused of Treason And so begins the final efforts of Robert Mugabe to remain in power forever. Already Mugabe’s thugs are harassing, beating, arresting and otherwise intimidating all his opponents into submission to his future dictatorship. If the election is as close as Mugabe claims as to force a run-off election then why has the electoral commission not released said results? Given Mugabe’s activities it only leads people to assume that he has in fact already lost and is now clinging to power and looking for a way to remain in power while still appearing to be a legitimate democratically elected official. The situation isn’t improved any by foreign governments allowing in weapons into the tumultuous region.

Democratic Debate I’ve been quiet on the democratic campaign given they are doing such a fine job of self destructing. Obama just solidified my opinion that he’s contemptuous and condescending of the American public with his ‘bitter’ remarks. Worse, to me, is he shows he’s hypocritical (again) in that these bitter people are “anti-trade”. Did not Mr. Obama say he is against NAFTA, the Columbia FTA, and CAFTA? So is he ‘bitter’ as well?

My biggest disagreement with both Democratic Party candidates in on raising taxes on the “wealthy”, which for Obama means any one in the $200k-$250k range and over, while lowering taxes for those under $75k. The problem is that only about 3% of the U.S. population make over $200k+ by U.S. Census numbers (2005 if I remember the report correctly). The $75-$100k group’s (about 10% of the population) income tax would not change, and the remaining 87% would get tax cuts (something Obama has criticized Republicans for suggesting/implementing). The numbers do not add up to a sustainable income tax for government programs, especially when taking into account the numerous new programs Obama wants to implement that require, according to his own website, tax increases. It sounds too much like a socialist wealth redistribution program that would punish those who worked hard to become “wealthy” and to discourage people from becoming “too successful”.

A more reasonable approach is a legally binding balanced budget, elimination of unneeded government subsidies, trimming the budgets of over bloated government programs, eliminating tax breaks and credits to profitable industries and companies (e.g. oil companies) or those who export American jobs oversees and other fiscally responsible activities and regulations be put into place. Another approach would be to encourage development of technological and manufacturing jobs, job retraining for those whose job may be eliminated by obsolete jobs being replaced by advances, and support innovative ideas and technology. High-tech and manufacturing garner more income than lower wage service side economies.

North Korea At Risk For Famine Again. Is anyone really surprised the communist dictatorship of the DPRK allows it’s people to starve while maintaining a bloated military, ignoring offers of assistance from it’s neighbors, and denies that there even is a problem?

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