Space Flight Challenge: Radiation

Long space visits ‘quicken ageing’ and Astronauts on Long Space Missions Risk Cancer, Premature Aging Astronauts, scientists and engineers have known these things for many, many years. I understand the need for testing to confirm hypothesis but unfortunately news agencies like to twist the reports around and sensationalize them into something to be feared by emphasizing such words as cancer and premature aging. It’s been a problem the professionals in the field across the planet have been working on practically since the day of the first space flight and one all know must be overcome before any practical long term space travel may be undertaken.

Due to the high energy charges of cosmic radiation developing suitable countermeasures becomes difficult. There first alternative is passive shielding approach which relies on bulk materials to mitigate the exposure. The second alternative is active shielding which relies on electromagnetic fields to deflect the particles from the craft. In all likelihood, future long term manned spacecraft will employ both systems with redundancies to ensure maximum protection and survivability.


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