Phoenix Lights 2008 Solved?

Phoenix Lights a Hoax, Man Claims

These claims are also being reported on television news reports here in Phoenix that a local man is claiming responsibility for the “Lights” appearance this week. According to the report the man claims to have tied flares to helium balloons and released them into the air. His reasons are unknown and apparently he wants to remain anonymous. I would personally like to hear the individual’s reasoning (simple prank, calculated hoax, delayed Earth Day stunt?) but regardless, should this account be accurate and true, it’s just a reminder not to jump to conclusions. Even I assumed it was aircraft instead of flares.

It is concerning that he chose to use flares given we are in the start of the fire season in Arizona. Hopefully, no one else will try to imitate his hoax and potentially start a wildfire. Sure it’s still early in the season but we’ve already got our first fire going on.

ETA: Update from local news source: Man behind lights talks to 3TV (Video) and Neighbor of man behind lights 3TV (Video)


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