World News Commentary 01/05/2008

DNA Test Solve Russian Royal Mystery It’s good to know that the mystery has been definitively solved one way or the other. Perhaps it can be used to heal the wounds in Russia over what the Bolsheviks did to the aristocracy and vice versa.

Nelson Mandela on Terrorist Watch List I can understand how this occur given the ANC was deemed a terrorist organization for their past violent activities and support for communism while fighting aparthied in South Africa but you’d think someone would have updated the terrorism lists to be a bit more specific as too which members of the ANC should be questioned.

Georgia denounces Russian ‘harassment’ and Georgia accuses Russia of shooting down spy plane I saw this one coming given Russia continues to become frustrated over it’s perceived lack of international respect. It also seems to highlight Russia’s duplicity in claiming opposition to ethnic groups becoming indepedent states (as occurred recently with Kosovo) yet supports the same activities when Russia benefits from such an event. Just more Cold War fallout.

China to Meet Dalai Lama Envoy I take this as a small positive step on the PRC’s part. My hope is that the meeting is a genuine, if only tentative, step towards some dialog between the Tibetan exiled leaders and the PRC but I am not optimistic given the PRC’s recent vitriolic words against the Dalai Lama, supporters of Tibetan rights, and blaming others for the problems the PRC’s own policies in Tibet have created. Case in point: Dalai clique unqualified for talking about human rights.

The man who grew a finger I’m still impressed with the implications of this new substance and procedure. Looks to be quite fascinating and a major break through should it prove to as effective as it seems to be.

Electronics’ ‘missing link’ found Memristors. Sounds quite intriguing, especially if it can lead to greater micronization and improvement of electronic devices.

Web 2.0 debates internet’s future What I found amusing in the article was those dismissing Web 3.0 as nothing more than “some piece of marketing flim-flam dreamed up by companies pushing their products”. That’s what many say about Web 2.0 and yet it still stands. It’s curious that those who embraced Web 2.0 so readily dismiss Web 3.0.


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