World News Commentary 06/05/2008

Man Takes Wife’s Last Name After Suing Good for them. Regardless of whether you believe a woman should take a man’s name or vice versa, the policy the couple was fighting was obviously discriminatory and sexist. There is no reason for requiring a man who wishes to take his wife’s last name to have to pay $300, advertise it in a newspaper for four weeks, and get a judge’s approval especially when a woman doing so for her husband’s last name pays at most $90 for a court fee and that’s it.

Mugabe’s Party Starts Run-Off Campaign Not surprising. The Z-PF and Mugabe will do anything to stay in power, even when it’s obvious fraud. Hopefully Tsvangirai will decide to run just to keep Mugabe and the Z-PF thugs out of power and not let their intimidation and violence destroy Zimbabwe’s shaky democracy.

Cinco de Mayo was surprisingly quiet in the neighborhood this year. The Mexican neighbors didn’t have a big fiesta as they have done in previous years, which was a bit odd. I guess in the current anti-immigrant climate
they’ve decided to keep things low key.


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