Lebanon Crisis

I’ve been following the current Lebanon crisis lately and fears of a new civil war, gleaning information from the usual news sources and from people like Sandmonkey, who I admire for pointing those of in the West to news bits we don’t hear about on our sanitized news networks. Especially interesting is seeing how the news in the ME is slanted (and out right propagandized in some cases) from one region to the next. While the situation is disheartening, obviously, it reassuring to see people in the region don’t all buy into the BS. But then there is the usual blame the Americans/Israel/The West/et al for what’s happening in Lebanon when in fact it’s just more thuggery on the part of Iran and it’s allies. Hopefully things will be settled quickly, though whether that is due to the Lebanese Army stepping in to end conflict or not remains to be seen.

Makes me wonder now if all the old militias of the Civil War will rise up again should full civil war return.  In many ways the situation on the ground really has not changed that much from the last civil war. Back then there were the Christian militias (Lebanese Forces, the Phalange, etc.), the Shia militias (Amal, Hezbollah, etc.), Sunni militias (al-Murabitun, etc.), the Druze militias (don’t remember any of their militias at the moment), and a smattering of others like the Palestine Liberation Organization, the Syrian Socialist Nationalist Party, some Baathists and other pan-Arabic, -democratic, -secular, and or -communists groups running around.

It is interesting to read some of the assorted blogs and Arabic websites to see everything from Hez supporters declaring complete victory to other saying the whole civil war is in fact staged and is a brilliant strategic move by others (insert your choice: Israel, the U.S., March 14, etc.) to lead to the eventual defeat and crushing of Hez and their allies once and for all. I don’t particularly buy any of that that but I suppose it is possible. Whatever happens, blood shed or not it’s not going to be pretty or easy.


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