Libertarian Joins the Race

Bob Barr Runs for President as Libertarian I was wondering when the Libertarian Party was going to announce their candidate for the Presidency. (Author note: Mr. Barr is not the LP’s presidential nominee, he is just a potential candidate. The LP will decide the candidate in the months to come.) It has been several years since I had last viewed the LP’s stance on issues so I went and read what they consider “The Issues”. Many I agreed with but unfortunately I still find too many of their positions impractical, outdated, and quite frankly unrealistic on issues like the environment, foreign policy, and immigration. At least the LP is far more reasonable than the Constitution Party and it’s ill concealed theological driven “democracy” that’s more akin to a Christian version of the Iranian Islamic Republic than to genuine support of the Constitution. The CP are pretty scary with their xenophobic (and sometimes outright paranoid) positions on everything ranging from free trade and immigration to the United Nations.

It’s somewhat amusing to hear various pundits today going on about Bob Barr will hurt John McCain’s presidential run or that Hillary Clinton will try to run as an independent candidate because Michelle Obama doesn’t want Clinton as her husband’s running mate or over analyzing Obama now wearing a flag lapel pin. It makes for amusing, but ultimately pointless, shrift for the talking heads to earn their keep I suppose, but leaves me less than impressed with the supposed analytical abilities of these political experts. Mr. Barr will not harm Mr. McCain’s position any more than McCain can hurt Barr’s positions, Clinton’s not going to run out on her party just because she may lose a nomination, and I seriously doubt Mr. Obama is going to allow his wife to determine who he can or can not figuratively “play” with in the political arena.

ETA: Correction: Fixed statement regarding Mr Barr being the LP’s Presidential nominee. Mr. Barr is simply a potential Presidential candidate for the LP.


2 thoughts on “Libertarian Joins the Race

  1. Mr. Barr still needs to win our nominating convention in Denver at the end of this month before he can be called our nominee. And some delegate, like myself, will be fighting tooth and nail to keep him from getting the nomination.

  2. Thank you for clarifying that Mr. Barr is just a potential nominee and has not yet won the LP’s nomination. I should have read the article more carefully about Mr. Barr’s candidacy.

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