What’s bother G3: Dems 08

Just musing on what feels like media and potentially elitist thought amongst party leadership and it’s apparent dismissive nature of the voting public.

So tonight Mrs. Clinton won the primary election in West Virginia quite handily and as expected. But for me, I’ve been disturbed more by the increasing attitude of the media and Democratic leadership to simply dismiss the remaining elections and all but declare Mr. Obama the Democratic nominee. While this general dismissive attitude by the media towards anyone but Mr. Obama has been prevalent for some time throughout much of the campaign, the near arrogant nature of it now concerns me when the Democratic leadership itself seems to be of the thought that the American voters don’t matter what so ever. It feels as if the media and certain elements of the DP want to force their candidate on the members of the DP rther than let their members decide for themselves.

This is especially concerning to me (even though I’m not even a Democrat) given that neither Mr. Obama nor Mrs. Clinton have garnered the necessary delegates to be declared the Democratic Party nominee. Yes it is likely Mr. Obama will win the nomination but until the decision is made at the Convention by the delegates I think it’s detrimental to the DP to be all but dismissive towards the remaining primaries. It just feels like the Democratic Party is employing less than democratic means by which to decide their candidate. All I do know for certain is I would be seriously concerned if this were happening amongst Republicans.

I suppose it shouldn’t really concern me, as I am Republican and going to vote for McCain if Obama is the Democrat’s nominee. I might consider Mrs. Clinton were she the nominee but that does appear unlikely given polls for the remaining primaries.


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