Looks like an Obama v McCain matchup

It’s now all but assured Barack Obama will be the Democratic Presidential nominee. While I congratulate Mr. Obama for his feat I admit I am disappointed at not having a McCain v. Clinton match up for the general election. I thought the debates between these two storied, experienced, and bipartisan negotiators would have proven very interesting and stayed on topic regarding discussing their differences in solving issues in this country. I’m afraid that with a McCain v. Obama campaign we will get everything but genuine discussion on solving issues as I’ve noted too often the Obama camp typically avoid an issue by trotting out dogmatic and partisan dialog like “McCain is a third Bush presidency” or ageist comments regarding McCain. The McCain camp in turn has on occasion also has some unneeded partisan comments.

I could be proven pleasantly wrong about the debates but I’ll just wait and see how it unfolds. I also hope that the Libertarian candidate is given an equal voice in the forthcoming debates as well, but I doubt that will happen.

On a side note, I was torn between disgust and amusement at BBC America‘s World News program and it’s blatant  bias in favor of Barack Obama during tonight’s broadcast. Anyone watching will know exactly what I mean. A little cheer leading is okay (except for the fact that they should at least pretend to be objective) but the effusiveness of tonight’s show bordered on ludicrous. But then Matt Frei isn’t very good at hiding his political leaning anyway.  I’ll just put it down to the usual BBC bias for now and laugh.


One thought on “Looks like an Obama v McCain matchup

  1. The BBC were in a long quandary as to who to support in the Democratic Party that they always fully support.
    A first lady or a first black man as President?
    After about a week they agreed on Obama and campaigned diligently AGAINST the Clintons at almost every opportunity.
    Now that Obama is almost in place the BBC will set their propaganda machine against the Republican Party.

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