I Spy…

…a slippery slope…

Bush Signs Spy Bill and Draws Lawsuit – AOL News While I completely abhor the notion that the government needs to spy on it’s own citizens and residents I understand the need to do so on occasions. There are two key points that truly bother me about the bill: 1. the elimination of warrants from the process and 2. protecting telecomm companies from lawsuits. In both of these concerns it’s about stripping away the checks and balances on a law that very easily be abused by both the government and the corporations. Past history has shown neither wields unbridled power responsibly nor employs it justly especially when it relates to “protecting” a nation or corporation.

While I often disagree with the ACLU for their selectively defending only the parts of the Constitution and Bill of Rights they agree with and having a deplorable tendency ignoring the rest, I do support their lawsuit in this case. If nothing else, it may prompt Congress to reinstate checks to curb the potential abuses for which this law may be used.


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