Polls and the World Court

Obama has 7-point edge on McCain: Reuters poll | Reuters

Obama 47% McCain 40%

Poll Finds Obama Still Faces Racial Gap | AOL

From AOL weekly straw poll (at time of posting this entry):
Obama 31% McCain 69%

So which poll is correct? What about the dozen or so other polls showing statistical dead heats between Obama and McCain, with one or the other leading depending on who is doing the poll and where and how many people are queried? Why do known liberal media outlets (e.g. NY Times, Washington Post) always show a huge lead for Obama, yet moderate pollsters (e.g.Gallup, Rasmussen) show a much closer race or even the conservative media (e.g. FoxNews), polls that show a tie or McCain ahead?

I never realized how difficult it was to find major conservative polls on the net compared to major liberal polls until today.

This is the reason I hate polls. They’re too often rigged to generate the answer the pollsters want and in my experience rarely represent the actual views of the public. The majority opinion in one state or region is rarely the same as the majority opinion in another state or region, especially when it comes to politics.

World Court: U.S. must delay Mexican death sentences | Reuters

While I do agree the U.S. needs to maintain its international treaty obligations especially with regard to legal rights I strongly disagree with the World Court interfering with internal U.S. matters because it appears to be more of an attempt to impose opposition to the death penalty. This is especially so given that having access to consular assistance would have not affected the outcomes of the cases, especially the one involving rapist and murderer Jose Medellin.

It also raises the question of why Mexican authorities waited so long to bring up the issue to the ICJ if they are so truly concerned about their citizens facing the death penalty for their crimes in other countries. This smacks of Mexican politicians trying to interfere with American justice. My hope is that this is not the hidden motive for this challenge as it would only further increase tensions, especially between Mexico and the southwestern states of the U.S. already burdened by illegals crossing into the U.S. via Mexico.

While the ICJ is useful in resolving genuine disputes I find the continuing trend to use the World Court to use procedural disputes to circumvent the laws and justice systems of nations around the world disturbing. Such behavior by the ICJ undercuts its credibility and validity, especially when allowing no appeals what so ever to its decisions by those who still accept compulsory jurisdiction.


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