News commentary…

Karadzic arrested in Serbia, worked as doctor | Reuters It’s good to see this man will perhaps finally face justice. Now if they could do the same to Mladic, perhaps some of the wounds of the last Balkan War can heal on all sides.

U.S. general warns against Russian bombers in Cuba | Politics | Reuters
Echoes of the Cold War eh? Besides even the Russian Defense Ministry is apparently vehemently denying the report.

Clinton vows to fight insulting abortion plan | Politics | Reuters Good. The redefinition to include taking away even simple contraceptives, as I’ve noted in previous posts, is unnecessary and an obvious last ditch attempt by ideological extremists in the Bush administration to subvert U.S. laws, the rulings of the Supreme Court on the abortion issue, and the rights of women. What I did not like in the article was slipping in a pro-Democratic Party support website that while against the redefinition changes is more aimed at electing DP candidates. Not all Republicans support the extremist views on abortion the RNC and the Bush administration hold.

Young adults face tough economic struggle: study | U.S. | Reuters I believe it given the economic struggles of my friends and myself. (And these are ones with the college education.) My non-degreed friends are definitely worse off. Locally, there’s plenty of low wage (read: minimum wage or near minimum wage w/o benefit of tips) service industry jobs but few of the higher wage manufacturing jobs. Of course things aren’t helped any with employers apparently wary about hiring because of their uncertainty in the U.S. economy.

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