News commentary

Iraq Not Allowed to Compete in Beijing – AOL Sports Just another example of why the IOC and the Olympics mean nothing anymore. The corruption, abuse of power, and interference starts with the IOC.

Obama urges Europe to stand with U.S. on Afghanistan | Reuters I watched Obama’s speech. It wasn’t especially notable to be honest. Not bad, just not really note worthy, IMO. I was a little surprised at the relatively sedate response from the crowd to his words, though maybe that was more due to the perception put forth by the news media that Obama would be the equivalent of a political rock star in Europe so I expected more enthusiasm.

White House threatens veto on bill to sell govt oil | Reuters In this case the White House is correct. The reserve is there for genuine emergencies, not because some politicians want to sucker the U.S. population into thinking they’re doing something to solve the problem of high fuel prices. These politicians have forgotten the purpose of the oil reserve: to mitigate oil supply disruption caused by events like the oil embargo of the 70s, war, and natural disasters. None of these play into the current state of oil prices in the U.S. at this time. Had these jumps occurred in the early days of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars or after Hurricane Katrina there would be some justification. but not now.

U.S. wants counterterror funds for Pakistan F-16s | Reuters An on this the White House is wrong. Counter terrorism funds should not be diverted to military funding given that they were approved solely for counter terrorism and law enforcement purposes. Add to this two key factors: 1. Pakistan helped form and support the Taliban and has some politicians and military leaders that still support them and 2. the F-16s used have traditionally been used by Pakistan to counter it’s neighbor India in their on going territorial dispute.


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