News commentary…

IOC admits Internet censorship deal with China | Reuters
And the IOC wonders why people continue to criticize their activities with regards to how they run the Olympics, especially these Olympics and their double standards between nations on Olympic related issues.

Nano-foods: The next consumer scare? | U.S. | Reuters While I am not overly concerned about the safety of nano-foods the engineering side of me wants testing to be done to ensure such food is safe. It’s the lack of proper testing (or none at all in some cases) that has lead to catastrophic degradation of health to millions of people in the past. It is precisely because of this lack of long term testing I avoid GM foods and now will likely try to avoid these so called nano-foods as well. At the very least the FDA should require labels identifying GM, nano- and irradiated food if nothing more than to let the consumers make an informed choice.

House approves benefits for military ‘sole survivors’ – Sometimes the House does the right thing, even if some penny pinching geek in the Defense Department could not.

Analysis: Obama, McCain both have lobbyist ties – Something for everyone to keep in mind this Presidential campaign.


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