Obama Retreats From Debate Challenge – AOL News

I honestly wish I could say I was surprised by Obama’s retreat from the debates. I suppose strategically it is advantageous for him to do so, though I’m not sure how the voting public will take the move. For me it confirms he’s more concerned about avoiding public scrutiny while trying to make himself look good.

Like many people when Obama came on the national stage I was impressed by his apparent sincerity and message but there was always something bothering me about him. That something later turned out to be contemptuousness (at least as I perceive his behavior) for the average American but that didn’t stop me from looking at his positions on a variety of issues. After doing so I simply decided his policies, aside from a number of social policies, were illogical (in the worst cases), untenable on others, and mostly contrary to my personal belief among which are small government and governance, fiscal conservatism, state’s rights and balanced federal budget. I’d prefer to hate a politician personally but still know he was capable of doing his job well that vote in another Bush who is personable but not really capable of performing the job as well as he should.

But as I always say, don’t listen to politicians and their pretty words, empty promises, and flowery speeches. Avoid the fluff (media bias, party pundits, et. al.), look for substance (policies, experience, et. al.). Instead, inform yourself about their positions and their voting records. If their record and actions match your own views and positions then vote for them.

Arizona Local Politics: State Primaries

Arizona Corporation Commissioner

Now this race is one that annoys the hell out of me at the moment. The ACC has been a joke for years and in my opinion has actually hurt Arizona more than it has helped in the last ten years or so. And don’t even get me started about the whole questionable ties between assorted state politicians and this commission. Worse is the childish accusations that it’s always the “other party” at fault for nothing getting accomplished or for all the rate hikes.

So at the moment I’m considering voting for Rick Fowlkes (R), Keith Swapp (R), and Barry Wong (R). Fowlkes and Swapp get my nod because of their engineering and utility backgrounds. Wong gets my nod because he supports renewable energy, water conservation/protection, protection from investment fraud, higher education, and small business.

District 15 State House of Representatives

Now locally some of my friends are shocked that I’m supporting State Rep. David Lujan for keeping is seat for District 15 given that he’s a Democrat. But then he support a number of issues that I do: increased solar energy use, sustainability, and so on.

I likely also will vote for Kyrsten Snema, another Democrat, since the Republican nominee seems long on words but little on action and apparently there are no other independent candidates or parties for consideration.

District 15 State Senate

I’ll be voting for Ken Cheuvront, a Democrat, but not because he’s the best candidate. It’s because he’s the only one! (At least none that I am aware of.) It’s annoying to politicians win by default rather than a genuine campaign where people can see and hear their candidates speak about the issues.


3 thoughts on “Politics

  1. If you don’t like Ken Cheuvront (is he a Democrat? is he a Republican? yes!), you can leave that part of your ballot blank. He’ll still get elected, but it would be embarrassing if the district’s state senate winner received fewer votes than either of the state representative winners, since rep is lower on the ballot and has more of a drop-off.

    If you like all the things Barry Wong stands for, check out Democrat Kara Kelty. She outdoes him in several of the areas that you cite.

  2. True, Mr. Cheuvront will be elected regardless. I simply don’t like one horse races when it comes to any Congressional election and genuinely wish there was at least someone there to offer a choice for people.

    I’ll look into Kara Kelty further. I’d prefer the Commission not be dominated by a single party: Republican, Democrat, or otherwise.

    Thanks for your response.

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