Missing Posts?

Hmm. I seem to missing my posts about the Olympics. I’m going to need to check what’s going on since none of the posts are private nor mention any spoilers for Americans on what’s going on there nor do they contain anything even remotely pro- or anti-China. Maybe it’s Scribefire messing up, but it seems suspicious that posts about the Russian-Georgian war went through but not the Olympics.

ETA 1: OK figured out why one post isn’t showing. I forgot to remove the 24 hour delay I have set up for most Olympic posts. Still doesn’t explain the missing post about the Opening Ceremonies and another post I found about Solar Windows.

ETA 2: OK . Found the issue. Default setting got changed, probably during one of the Scribefire updates, since some posts were unaffected but others were. Guess I’ll just to have to double check site after posting, even though that was why I started using Scribefire, so I could post without actually going to the blog’s site.


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