Russian-Georgia War

South Ossetia –

Personally I consider the Georgians and the Russian to be complete morons for starting this war over some equally moronic losers, the Ossetian separatists. That said , I do feel Georgia has the right to defend its territorial integrity, including South Ossetia (which despite what the Ossetians and Russians think or want is internationally recognized as Georgian territory) from illegal separatists established only by the questionable presence of Russian “peacekeepers”. However, Georgia was too strong in its approach to removing the separatists choosing a military confrontation instead of taking their demands to the security council and U.N. for negotiations to have Russia remove its troops and allow Georgia to regain control over it’s territory. The Russians were even more over reactionary by pouring troops into South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Though I do find myself wondering why so many Russian troops were on the Georgian border in the first place.

In the end, the Russians, Georgians, and Ossetians are at fault for this conflict and the destruction it brought. I suspect however the conflict was inevitable. Russia has been supporting the Ossetian and Abkhazian separatists, is furious at the expansion of NATO and its loss of influence in the region, the independent political and economic moves of not only Georgia but the Caucuses as a whole away from Russian influence towards Europe. The Georgians, in turn, let the fear of Russian domination (and/or perhaps some bravado at the notion of being a future NATO nation) and influence in Ossetia and the legitimate concern over their territorial integrity get the better of them and reacted haphazardly, and the Ossetians put much of this into motion for supposedly protecting their culture and people by using terroristic and insurgent tactics to achieve their goals.

I am more now than ever concerned that Russia is intent on taking control not only South Ossetia, but all of Georgia proper and perhaps even other regions and nations, like Abkhazia and Ukraine given recent unproven or unverifiable claims and accusations as well as the apparent Russian unwillingness to agree to any sort of ceasefire . Among Russian claims and activities are:

  1. Georgia was/is committing “complete genocide” but anecdotal evidence doesn’t support this.
  2. Reports of deploying Russian troops to Abkhazia (which has nothing to do with Ossetia if the Russians are merely “defending” Ossetians as they claim). [1]
  3. Refusal to acknowledge Ukraine’s port neutrality per International law and claims Ukraine supplied the weapons Georgia used to shoot down a Russian fighter. [1]
  4. Claims of mercenaries (, in Russian) from Ukraine, other Baltic states, and foreigners used in attack, as well as claims of an American prisoner. No evidence of “mercenaries” what so ever, especially since the article itself claims the person captured is a NATO instructor (hence casting further doubt on the mercenary claim). Also forgetful of the fact that the USSR and it’s subsequent former soviet states were multi ethnic and included blacks and Asians. I know this because for a short time I lived with a Korean family that had moved to the USSR and become citizens and one of the families closest friends was 3rd generation black.

[1] ВЗГЛЯД / Абхазский фронт и киевский мотив (, Trans.: Abkhazian front and the Kiev motive)

My quick summary: It’s a grand international foreign conspiracy involving Georgia, Ukraine, and the USA to commit genocide against Russia and “Russians” and therefor Russia is justified in invading Georgia to establish “peace”.

Summary: Abhazia has declared martial law, has Russian ships at its coast, Russia accuses Ukraine of supplying “illegal” weapons (but never expresses what made the weapons illegal) to Georgia to counter Ukraine’s threat to refuse port access as a neutral nation, Abkhazia wants more Russian “peacekeepers”, Russia accuses US and Ukraine of supplying sniper weapons to be used in Ossetia on civilians, Ukraine “recklessly armed to the teeth” the Georgian army and encouraged ethnic cleansing of S. Ossetia, and the laughable claim (assuming my translation is accurate):

«Поставки украинского оружия в Грузию с благословения Белого дома были давно согласованы и направлены на подготовку варварского нападения на мирный южноосетинский город»

The deliveries of Ukrainian weapons into Georgia with the blessings of the White House were long ago agreed on and directed toward the preparation for a barbarous attack on a peaceful South Ossetian city.

Too bad none of the claims have any evidence as yet and rely on claims mostly made by Ossetian separatists and their Russian supporters. In other words, what a bunch of outdated Cold War era propagandist drivel. There nay have been some genuine facts in there somewhere underneath all the political manure.

So it’s starting to sound suspiciously like implausible accusations and innuendo to justify a Russian invasion of a nation that will soon be joining NATO under the guise of protecting “Russians”. Hmm. Sounds familiar no?

My hope is that international pressure will help end the hostilities and come to some sort of reasonable solution, since those involved seem unable or unwilling to do so. Whether that will happen? I’m doubting it given the previous lack of will the international community has shown in a number of previous conflicts until it they got out of hand (the Yugoslavia breakup and subsequent Balkans War, East Timor, Darfur, etc.).


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