World Conflict Today

Because, as much as we might want to allow the Olympics to erase the facts of what is going on in the world:

Russia-Georgia War

Global News Blog » Blog Archive » Cold War reheated as U.S. and Russia duke it out over Georgia | Blogs |

Russian military pushes into Georgia – And this for me is the last straw, if true that Russian troops have invaded an indisputably Georgian city. Russia has crossed a final line in my view by now invading Georgia proper and has lost any slim credibility about only intending to “bring peace” to the South Ossetia region. It’s looking more and more like Russia is beginning an attempt to rebuild it’s Soviet empire.

Georgia and Russia claim ‘mass arrests’ –

Russia calls for urgent meeting with NATO – China Daily – Russia Forces Move to Within 35 Miles of Tbilisi

RIA Novosti – World – U.S. military aircraft bring 800 Georgian troops home from Iraq

The Red Menace: Cyber Terrorists Attack Russian News Agency Not surprising given the Russian hackers (either civilians or government sanctioned) hacked Georgian sites shortly before the Russian invasion.

ITAR-TASS- Russia disappointed with UN Secretariat lack of understanding of Georgia-South Ossetian conflict

ITAR-TASS – Exercise of MMD antiaircraft battalions begins in Krasnodar Territory This could be relevant to the Russian-Georgian conflict as Krasnodar Krai borders both Ukraine and the Abkhazia region of Georgia. The exercises are scheduled to last until August 15. Worldwide – Russian Troops Launch Ground Offensive in Georgia (Update3)

Civil.GeCivil.Ge: Russia Says Senaki Takeover Part of Peacemaking Operation

Civil.Ge: ‘Russia Occupies Significant Part of Georgia’ – Saakashvili

Georgia to sue Russia in Hague International Criminal Court : Ukraine News by UNIAN This may explain another part of Russia’s invasion of Georgia if it is true Georgia has evidence of Russian attempts of genocide against Georgians in Abkhazia in 1992, especially given Russia’s sudden claims of Georgian genocide against Ossetians.

No servicemen of Ukrainian Armed Forces stay in Georgia : Ukraine News by UNIAN This further shatters Russian claims of mercenaries from Ukraine.

Ukraine may never feel safe any more – expert : Ukraine News by UNIAN

Side note: I was trying to access both Georgian and Russian news sites that I had viewed earlier shortly before posting here but now could not reach a number of them (including Civil Georgia, Izvestia, ITAR-TASS, and Novosti). I am assuming it’s the ongoing cyberspace war between Russian and Georgian hackers and their respective supporters and perhaps intentional cutting of internet access to prevent information from becoming internationally known.

ETA: Izvestia availability is erratic, presumably due to Georgian hackers.

ETA 2: Civil Georgia is now operating at the following site: due to DDOS attacks, presumably by Russian hackers.


Blasts kill two in China’s restive Xinjiang: report | Reuters

China investigating terrorist links in Xinjiang attack | International |

China’s Uighur rebels switch to suicide bombs – Times Online


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