Minor Olympic Brouhaha

Controversy Brews Over Lip-Synching – AOL Sports

It’s rather disappointing to see some crazy notion of “perfect” being applied to these two little girls. While it is laudable to try to put your best in such events as the Olympics such activities are a disservice to China’s reputation and credibility as many will point to this as another example of the negative side of China. Both the are cute and the fact that some Politburo member pushed some notion of “Chinese perfection” to replace one girl for another is pathetic. I’m not really surprised given that during the opening ceremony I noticed amongst the children representing the many cultures and ethnicities that there was not one Uighur, Mongolian or other Turkic peoples amongst them.

I also found it sad that there is a perfectly clear picture of the girl used in the ceremony to lip-sync but nothing but a grainy one of the actual singer. I guess over emphasis of appearance over ability is a universal bias, even when appearance is equally “cute” but cute for different reasons.

Sad. Not unexpected, but sad.


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