News Commentary

Colleges Want Debate on Drinking Age While I think it is laudable MADD wants to prevent drunk driving and underage drinking I personally think the drinking age should be lowered to 18 given at that age you are allowed to vote, join the military, and can make legally binding agreements and by nearly all other definition considered an adult in the United States. Either 18 year olds are legal adults or they are not. That is what the United States needs to decide and adjust all laws and policies related to age of majority accordingly. They shouldn’t be adjusted just because something is inconvenient. What really needs to be done is to demystify alcohol so the youth in America do not perceive it as anything special or taboo. Educate people instead of regulate them.

Russia starts Georgia pullout but NATO wants more | Reuters
I’ll believe it when all Russian occupation forces are out of Georgia, including the so called “peacekeepers” in Ossetia. The fact that Russia is acting in an obstructionist and occupier manner by detaining Georgian police in port town, supporitng Ossetian separatists destroying ethnic Georgian property and homes, and Russia’s apparently slow response to aid agencies gaining access to S. Ossetia. Some Russian media is still on it’s anti-West rhetoric: Известия.Ру: Грузию могут принять в НАТО исключительно назло России (Trans. Georgia to be accepted into NATO exclusively to spite Russia.) Last I read there was still no definitive decision to fast track Georgia into NATO membership. Russia’s bullying tactics however may push NATO to fast track all former Soviet and Warsaw pact states wishing membership in order to blunt Russia’s recent militarism. If NATO punishes Russia, Russia will punish NATO back – Pravda.Ru I always love Pravda’s hilarious throw back to Cold War journalism. Especially about the last paragraph stating Turkey refused US battleships entrance to the Black Sea. Very amusing since the “battleships” were in fact hospital ships and were not let through because of international treaties regarding the Bosphorus and Dardanelles straits not because of the implied support of Turkey. But other Russian media have gone back to a more moderate approach: RIA Novosti – Opinion & analysis – Is Georgia’s NATO dream coming true?

Iran satellite launch a failure: U.S. official | Reuters I tend to think the U.S. official is correct in the launch failed given Iran often likes to brag long and loud over missile successes, showing them on Iranian TV. If it didn’t fail then it also further strengthens the notion for a needed missile defense shield in Europe over concerns of Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions.

Obama rips McCain for $5 million rich definition | Politics | Reuters
Better McCain’s definition of rich than Obama’s version. Playing class warfare doesn’t work anymore, especially when that class warfare would end up taking people’s income simply because they make what someone deems as “too much” money. Besides Obama’s grasping at straws, or simply lost his sense of humor, since McCain was joking when he made the comment. I suggest Obama start making definitive stances instead of hedging when it comes to direct questions and specific answers. Vagaries will not get you the presidency.

Wind power brings prosperity, anger – An example of why alternate energy sources, be it wind, solar, nuclear, et. al., must be looked at with careful consideration and understanding of their impact before being implemented in various locations. I’m all for alternate energy sources but what good is cheaper energy sources if it negatively impacts quality of life in such a drastic manner.


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