News Commentary

Name on government watch list threatens pilot’s career –
And it is things like this that make me appreciate the ACLU, even if I am annoyed with them much of the rest of the time over their activities. If nothing else, they provide some sort of safety net to counter government indifference and occasional institutionalized discrimination, in this case: Muslims. Yes mistakes happen but they seem to be happening with alarming regularity, suspect reasoning, and with continued arrogance and callousness on the part of government officials at TSA. But the fact remains there appears to be an unusually high number of people being harassed and delayed in their travels based on their religion, ethnicity, and political leanings (e.g. party affiliation).

Iraq troop deal could affect U.S. presidential race | Politics | Reuters Interesting. I doubt really either candidate would get much mileage out of this agreement since McCain could argue it came about because of his stay with it policy and Obama could argue it showed he was right about disengagement.

Russia: We’ve completed pullback – Uh huh. Right. Sure. The Russians are now occupiers not peacekeepers, especially given reports like this: Russia moves SS-21 missiles into Georgia: US defense official

Interesting space news:

Forecast International Projects 50 Billion Dollar ELV Market

Oceaneering Will Resubmit Constellation Space Suit Proposal

NASA to use shock-absorbers to fix shaking in new Ares rocket


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