News commentary

Bush may seek protection for island chains – While I commend President Bush for seeking to protect these islands I find myself wondering why he us equally determined to allow oil companies to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Seems a bit puzzling.

Typo vigilantes banned from national parks – These two get my nod as ass hats of the month. The two little Nazis have no right to deface national monuments and government buildings because it offends their overly sensitive and over bloated egos. If these idiots were truly concerned about typos they should become English teachers and teach Americans proper English, grammar, and punctuation instead of going around acting like glorified taggers.

Joe Biden’s pro-RIAA, pro-FBI tech voting record | Politics and Law – CNET News Interesting that Obama picks a VP that acts counter to Obama’s more pro-EFF agenda, even if it is a minor part of Biden’s overall political history. Of bigger concern to me is Biden’s “Big Brother” leanings regarding privacy and security issues under the guise of anti-terrorism. Basically when it comes to Internet technology and use, Biden thinks the government should control what content you may have. Sounds familiar, no?

All that aside, I still find the choice of Biden for Obama’s VP contradictory. Obama’s about change but he makes a longtime Washington politician his VP. Sure Biden’s got the experience, but I doubt anyone thinks Biden is about changing Washington as much as Obama claims he wants.

Huge fire as Georgian train hits landmine – As I said, no peace will reign in that region until Russia gets out of Georgia and leaves the independent nations of the Caucasus region alone to determine their own futures.

Founding Fathers’ dirty campaign – Funny how history keeps repeating, isn’t it? In some ways it’s amazing the US survived its early political years with all the racist, sexist, and classist rhetoric and slurs thrown about.


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