Obamapalooza Night #1

(aka the Democratic Convention Day 1 yawn fest)

Michelle Obama Praises Husband’s Values

Fluff speech. Actually quite derivative in my opinion. So she and Barack Obama have done what millions of others of Americans have done: have a life. So what? She was just trying too hard to seem genuine or something, I think. Otherwise it was an okay speech, I guess. Nothing inspiring. I doubt this speech will do much to sway undecided and independent voters though certainly the Obama supporters will eat it up.

Hopefully things will get more interesting or substantive and get past the Obama cult of personality.

Perhaps most disgusting moment…the new media (MSNBC in particular) blatant bias in support of Obama after the speech. The gushing was sickening and unbecoming for reporters. That or president of the Teamsters union James Hoffa’s implication in an AP interview that if you don’t vote for Obama it’s because you’re racist. I can’t decide which is the worst.

Oh wait…this is Obamapalooza!

Anyway on to the meat and potatoes (e.g. approved party platform issues):

  1. Complete military redeployment with in 16 months from Iraq.
  2. Universal health care.
  3. New economic stimulus package.
  4. Higher taxes on families earning more than $250,000/yr.
  5. Support for Roe v Wade.

OK. Pretty much as expected. Concerns and notes I have:

  1. Somewhat moot given the current work by the current administration on an agreement with the Iraqi government for the removal of U.S. troops from Iraq. I suspect there will be an accord on this long before the general election in November.
  2. While I support the idea of basic universal health care my on going concern is how it paid for. You can’t keep taxing the U.S. people or corporations for all these government programs.
  3. How is this paid for? The money has to come some where. More taxes on people and corporations? More national debt?
  4. More taxes. Punish those who worked hard to get where they are because someone deems them “too successful”. Sounds like socialism there. Yeah that’s incentive to get people to be innovative and productive. /sarcasm
  5. I’m in general agreement. While I dislike abortion myself, I don’t think the government should be involved in such personal decision making either. Nor do I think Federal funding should go towards funding any abortions. Better to fund contraceptives and reproductive education to prevent conception in the first place than abortions after the fact.

McCain on Leno was pretty amusing from the little bit I watched. Don’t know how long he was on and what was said otherwise beyond the first five or so minutes.


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